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Al Bargasy for Desert Coolers LLC


Al Bargasy for Desert Coolers LLC is the sole manufacturer for Bargas Cool brand of evaporator desert coolers in Egypt offering a full range of products and services.

(Bargas - cool) is a (chilled-water and straw) instead of Freon. Healthy, safe and energy saver, fit for open space, factories, farms and gardens. Spare Parts are available with a warranty as well as maintenance services, all prices includes Installation and Delivery”.



About Us

to be the first choice company in the desert cooler industry in MENA.


is to provide our customers with the needed desert coolers that can fit their needs through our Innovative designs, building a friendly solution that can leverage their choices.



Our Values

Our values are as unique and exclusive as our name ALBARGASY

A Accountability: “If it is to be, it's up to us to do what we do; we do as well as it should.”

L Leadership: “The courage to shape a better future and our absolutely, positively spirit puts our customers at the heart of everything we do.”

B Belonging: "When our customers feel they are in the right place, our Branches become a haven, a break from the worries outside, a place where you can meet with friends. It’s about enjoyment at the speed of life – sometimes slow and savored, sometimes faster. Always full of humanity."

A Aspired innovation: “We invent and inspire the services and technologies that improve the way we work and live.”

R Responsibility: "We champion safe and healthy environments for the communities in which we live."

G Glowing work loyalty:" We earn the respect and confidence of our Al-Bargasy group people, and customers every day, in everything we do."

A Association: "Leveraging collective genius so that when working and dealing with Al Bargasy Group it puts you in a loving and flourishing community we guarantee an amazing experience with each activities as well as fun in a safe and supportive environment."

S Straightforwardness: “Be real, honest and straight forward Independent, Ignite, Interest, Intangible, Integrity, Impeccable and Impact.”

Y Youth philosophy: “We recognize the importance of Youth and not only assisting youth, but learning from youth we values Service-Learning and Multiculturalism.”


Who we are?


Al Bargasy for Desert Coolers LLC; is a member of AL-Bargasy Group; Egyptian company that was established in 1996, the original factory, built in 2007 in Aswan. Today the factory has latest manufacturing technology, and a total working space of over 10,000 m2. From that small dream back in 1996, the production capacity has now expanded to 10,000 units annually and a total workforce of more than 200 dedicated employees.

Bargasy for desert coolers is a market leader in this industry. We produce and supply desert coolers along with spare parts and its maintenance; we provide the best quality products to our customers at an affordable price. And that’s because we have high level of productivity.

We aim to contribute positively in the Egyptian market by providing that kind of solutions for our esteemed customers to match their needs with our eco-friendly coolers

We aim to reduce operational energy in Egypt and looking for new ways to increase the general performance in everywhere.



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Al Bargasy for Desert Coolers LLC.

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Address "Management" : Draou, Misr Aswan Road, Al Bargasy Industrial and Trade Center, Aswan, Egypt

Phone No : +2-0974-731430

Fax No : +2-09747-31463

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website : www.albargasycoolers.com

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